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What will you learn in the course?

  • How do I know which structure I'm looking at when I open an image?

    Module 1 "Neuroanatomy and brain orienteering" will teach you to identify all the anatomical structures in each image. You will learn to understand the brain in 3D and then translate the knowledge to 2D images. It's not about wrote learning, it's about understanding!

  • What are the various images that I see when I open a scan? I find it overwhelming

    Module 2 "Brain imaging and scan sequences" is designed to address that overwhelming feeling of opening scans and not knowing which image to look at. Each image is designed to study a different aspect of the brain / injury. In this module you will learn what sort of information each image / sequence gives you. No more feelings of being overwhelmed!

  • How do I know which images to look at first?

    This simple question depends on what the pathology is and how long the client had it. Module 3 "Scanning protocols and lesion progression" will teach you the skills you need to decide which is the most informative sequence/s for your client. It's very handy when you only have 5 minutes before seeing your client.

  • How will the lesion affect this person's function and what sort of recovery should I expect?

    These are the top two questions in the mind of each rehabilitation clinician. Brain imaging can help a lot! If you understand brain function and how to read brain scans then you will be able to predict functional deficits and the course of recovery. You will need all 4 modules though to be able to do that. So start and COMPLETE your learning to become a transformed clinician.

  • How much does the course cost?

    The course includes more than 90 videos,more than 20 practical tasks, quizzes, handouts, 12 hours of live learning with me and 8 weeks of online study group with my input. It costs $850 AUD and you will be hard pushed to find better value for your money.

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